Here’s some info of books I’ve recently read and would like to recommend:

ed. Alcuin Reid, From Eucharistic Adoration to Evangelization (Burnes & Oates 2012)

Adoratio 2011 was an event that brought together an international array of prominent Cardinals and leading bishops, clergy, religious and laity to explore, underline and celebrate the fundamental relationship between Eucharistic Adoration and the New Evangelisation called for by Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. This volume makes the core of this remarkable event available to a wider audience, bringing together all the papers and homilies delivered, including the homily of Pope Benedict XVI at the Mass of Corpus Christi, 2011, in the Lateran Basilica, at which the conference concluded. All those committed to the New Evangelisation should read and digest the teaching contained here. For as Blessed John Paul II said, ‘In order to evangelize the world, we need experts in celebration, adoration and contemplation of the Holy Eucharist.’ And without this essential Eucharistic foundation, there is a risk that aspects of the New Evangelisation could become like houses built on sand. From Eucharistic Adoration to Evangelisation is, then, a must for committed Catholics of the 21st century.

John Saward, Sweet & Blessed Country: The Christian Hope for Heaven (OUP 2005) – rereading because it’s simply so fantastic.

Sweet &​ Blessed Country is a theology of Heaven, as understood in the Roman Catholic tradition, based upon a painting of Heaven. John Saward takes an altarpiece from fifteenth-century Provence as his starting-point. The altarpiece, Enguerrand Quarton’s Coronation of the Virgin, was painted for a Carthusian monastery, and so it is monastic theologians, and principally Denys the Carthusian, who guide Saward in his exploration of that ‘sweet and blessed country’ in which the angels and saints contemplate the face of God. He shows how the image expresses in colour and figure what the great monastic theologians, both medieval and modern, presented in concepts and words. Here is a book that will enlighten and encourage everyone who has a hope for Heaven.

And now for something completely different:

John Le Carré, Our Kind of Traitor (Penguin 2010)

In this exquisitely told novel, John le Carré shows us once again his acute understanding of the world we live in and where power really lies. In the wake of the collapse of Lehman Brothers and with Britain on the brink of economic ruin, a young English couple become helpless pawns in a game of nations that reveals the unholy alliances between the Russian mafia, the city of London, the government, and the competing factions of the British Secret Service.