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Basilica of St Lawrence, Asheville, NC

Basilica of St Lawrence, Asheville, NC

Given on Tuesday in the first week of Lent at the Priory of Saint Dominic, Lymington:

‘At the Saviour’s command, and formed by divine teaching, we dare to say, “Our Father”‘. So the Church reminds us at every Mass of this central doctrine of our Christian faith. With the mandate of, and in obedience to, our blessed Lord, we are encouraged – in the knowledge of what he has done – to show our union with him at this profound moment before Holy Communion and to call his Father, ours.

As Saint Cyprian reminded us in this morning’s second reading at the Office of Readings, the Lord’s Prayer is both ‘friendly and intimate’, it is literally familiar. And in that knowledge we can say that, without comparison, it is a sign of our adoption through baptism and our incorporation into Christ’s own body as brothers and sisters of the Lord, and so heirs of what he has achieved.

Through this unique union, offered to us through our communion with the Church, and in a particular way through the Holy Communion of Christ’s abiding presence, we remind ourselves, with Saint Paul, that ‘it is not I who live but Christ’ (cf. Gal. 2: 20).

So, and especially in this season, we are called to unite ourselves ever more closely to the Lord by a sincere and honest examination of our consciences and through the sacraments which enable that union with him to continue, which enable him to be present with and in us. Only then – entirely united to the Lord in his passion and death – can we hope to share also in his resurrection, and in the eternal life promised to us as sons and daughters, heirs of the Father we dare to call our own.

The Gospel at Mass today was Matthew 6: 7-15.