Earlier this week I met with Mgr Keith Newton, my Ordinary, who has asked me to undertake a licence in Canon Law starting this August. This will involve a three year course of study at the Catholic University of America in Washington DC, during which time I will also live and work in a parish in the DC metro area.

I am really grateful for this opportunity to return to studies, as well as the chance to live in the US – particularly in Washington – and to experience the enthusiasm and vigour of American Catholicism. It will be a particularly great blessing to also have the stability and day-to-day normality of living in a parish for more than a few months!

Particular thanks should go to the clergy and faithful of the parishes in Chelsea, Soho, and Balham, who have put me up and put up with me over the last two years. They have been wonderful places to begin to learn what it is to be a priest, and I remain in their debt. Please pray for me as I make this move!