Thine Own Service

Gregory Dix (1901-1952) was an Anglican liturgical scholar and member of the Anglo-Papalist community of Nashdom. As an Anglican priest he celebrated the Roman Rite every day, privately and in Latin, and yet was never received into the full communion of the Catholic Church. He was a good friend of the moral theologian and canonist, Kenneth Kirk, who served as the Anglican bishop of Oxford – another luminary indeed.

Each year, around the feast of Corpus Christi, I read these words again. This year they make such profound sense as I celebrate my first solemn feast of the Body and Blood of the Lord as a Priest of Jesus Christ:

Was ever another command so obeyed? For century after century, spreading slowly to every continent and country and among every race on earth, this action has been done, in every conceivable human circumstance, for every conceivable human need from…

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